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Competition “Science and Youth 2024”

Rules and regulations

The annual competition “Science and Youth – 2024” will take place on 19-21 of April 2024 in the Auditorium Complex of MU – Plovdiv under the auspices of the Rector of Medical University – Plovdiv. Official languages are Bulgarian and English.

Undergraduates, PhD students and young researchers under the age of 45 can participate in the competition. Academic teachers that are above that age can be included only as scientific supervisors (mentors), but cannot present at the Conference and their name should appear last in the authors’ list. If this requirement is not taken into consideration the corresponding scientific work will not be registered.

The candidates can participate in the event presenting original materials as well as reviews or case reports both in Bulgarian and English language. Students should be supervised by a certified specialist (mentor) in the relevant scientific field.

All participants submit an abstract in English using the Bulgarian or English language registration form. Submission is available only online, on the website of the Youth Scientific Association ‘Asclepius’– ( for English language or for Bulgarian language) with deadline – 31.01.2024.

Each participant has the opportunity to declare in advance his preferred form of presentation. During the process of the scientific selection and evaluation of the abstracts, the form of the presentation could be changed following the decision of the Scientific Jury. The number of scientific works that each participant submits (independently or in co-authorship) can be no more than 3 irrespective of the form of the presentation. Maximum number of co-authors in one scientific work is 5.

The forms of presenting the scientific works include: oral presentation and poster.

The formatting requirements are given below and will serve for evaluation of the works from the moderators during the scientific sessions.

All registered participants pay fee of 50 BGN for teachers and 40 BGN for students and PhD students who are not members of the “Asclepius” society and 30 BGN for teachers and 20 BGN for students and PhD students who are members of the “Asclepius” society, respectively, via bank transfer.

An invoice can be requested up to 5 days from the date of the bank transfer (If you would like an invoice, please send information to An invoice is issued only to the person who made the transfer.)

Bank Transfer Details:
UniCredit Bulbank AD
IBAN: BG15 UNCR 7527 3154 6234 00

Please, indicate as reason for the payment: “Science and Youth 2024”.